This Week at HHUMC and Ellingwood’s Corner UMC

Monday, September 3

Labor Day. Office closed

Tuesday, September 4

8 am to 11 am-office hrs.

Wednesday, September 5

Office closing early. Office hrs will be 8 am to 10:45 am.

6:30 pm-7 pm-Evening Prayer Service (Chapel, second floor)

7 pm-8:30 pm-Breathing Under Water (2nd floor, choir room)

Thursday, September 6

8 am to 2 pm-office hours

11:00 am-Bible Study at Ellingwood’s Corner UMC bring bag lunch

5:30 pm-TOPS at Ellingwood’s Corner UMC

Friday, September 7

8 am to 11:15 am-office hours

Saturday, September 8

HHUMC office closed

Second Saturday Sale and Supper at Ellingwood’s Corner

Sunday, September 9

9:00 am-ECUMC Worship with Linda Bright-Lay Speaker

10 am-HHUMC Worship/Rally Day for Sunday School

11:00 am-HHUMC Fellowship-

11:30 am-Nurture Committee meeting, church library


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