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Pastor’s Post for Summer 2012

It’s summer once again—many of us are imagining vacations, time at camp, and a little more room for relaxation. It’s summer once again—kids are out of school and life changes pace. Often, this means the rhythm of being in worship with one another is broken. It’s easy to drift away. As members we make vows to pray for our Church, be present with our Church, give to our Church, serve for and with our Church, and share a Christian witness for Christ and our Church. It’s summer—sometimes these vows can be hard to keep…

It’s summer once again—at Hampden Highlands and Ellingwood’s Corner folks are planting gardens to feed hungry neighbors.  Many years, in many churches, summer is a time of frantic work for Vacation Bible School (coming soon!), but little else. This year is different! This summer we are launching new program ministries to help us stay present and connected and to grow in our relationship with one another and Christ. In June, JAM kicked off, a junior high youth group (you can read more later in the newsletter). In July, we are launching Wednesday evening prayer from 6:30pm to 7:00pm every Wednesday in the Hampden Highlands chapel (outside the sanctuary), followed by “Breathing Under Water…Finding Our Anchor” a 14 week spiritual development opportunity for any and all adults interested in exploring the 12 steps of recovery as a guide for spiritual growth.

At Ellingwood’s Corner, we are working to build stronger bridges with the Hampden congregation. Pastor Reeni or I will be with you, at least briefly once every month to provide for sacraments. Speaking of sacraments, at both Hampden and Ellingwood’s Corner, this summer will see new members join through our service of the Baptismal Covenant, and at least one adult baptism (Linda Hills at Ellingwood’s Corner). God is at work! The Holy Spirit is moving in our midst and doing new things! Where are you finding the opportunity to connect for prayer, to be present, to give, to serve, or to tell the story of Jesus and his love working through us as United Methodists in Hampden, Winterport, Newburgh, Frankfort and the greater Bangor area?

Praying that together we will continue to find God’s blessings.

In Christ, with you,

The Rev. David Nicol, Pastor of Hampden Highlands UMC

Pastor-of-Record to Ellingwood’s Corner UMC


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