HHUMC Highlights July 5, 2012

HHUMC Weekly Highlights

Thursday, July 5, 2012




Remember worship starts at 9 am now through September 2.

Prayer (excerpted from UMH 489-For God’s Gifts

O Holy God, open unto me light for my darkness, courage for my fear, hope for my despair.

O Loving God, open unto me wisdom for my confusion, forgiveness for my sins, love for my hate.  O God of peace, open unto me peace for my turmoil, joy for my sorrow, strength for my weakness. O generous God, open my heart to receive all your gifts. Amen.



Scripture for Sunday, July 8

2 Corinthians 12:2-10              p. 943-944, NRSV                                                         

Mark 6:1-13                 p. 817, NRSV

Sermon:  “The Message and the Messengers”             Pastor David Nicol


Worship Assistants

Lector: Reeni Cipullo

Acolytes:  Owen Clement and Garrett Miller

Greeter:  TBA

Ushers:  Warren Chatto and Steve Mockler

Nursery Helper: Barbara Miller

Counters: Gloria Lee and Marilyn Boulier

Fellowship: Nurture Committee


Ellingwood’s Wood Corner:

Paul Rich-Lay Speaker



Mark your calendars….

Don’t forget summer worship starts at 9 am; now through 9/2.

The new youth group for 5th-7th graders “Jesus and Me” (J.A.M. for short) will meet Sunday, July 8 from 5pm to 7 pm.  See Lynette Dancoes, Lisa Whitmore, or Reeni Cipullo for more information.


Office Hours: Paula Baines will be on vacation July 11-16. The office will be closed during that time.  Summer office hours will start Monday, July 9:  Tuesdays-8 am to 11 am and Wednesday and Thursdays: 8 am to 2 pmOffice will be closed Mondays and Fridays through  September 3.  Office will also be closed on Tuesday, July 24.  But it will be open instead on Friday, July 27 from 8 am to 11 am.


Breathing Under Water…Finding Our Anchor

Please join us for an exploration of the two halves of life using the guidelines presented in the book “Breathing Under Water” by Richard Rohr.  This offering will meet for fourteen Wednesdays starting July 25th at  the Hampden Highlands United Methodist Church, 44 Kennebec Road in Hampden. For more information and registration call 862-4195, or the facilitator Bill Lagerstrom at 862-5448. This group is open to everyone interested in their spiritual development.


Summer Music and Flowers

Summer is a time of bounty in Maine, beautiful long days, growing gardens, creative energy flowing. Please share your abundance by bringing in flowers for our sanctuary and sharing your musical gifts. The flowers need not be fancy; the fields and woods share their joy too, and several boxes have been planted with flower seeds in our back garden, please pick and share with our congregation. We need anthems, in past years Jenny and a few others, could be counted on to share a poem or short reading. You need not be musical, but for those who are Tricia said she would be happy to help. Please sign up on the sheets attached to the door, at the top of the stairs heading to Fellowship Hall.


Special Outreach Event

Our greater community, Frankfort, Winterport and Hampden, is blessed to have a group of Christian youth from Connecticut working on the homes of low income, elderly or disabled individuals for a week in July. We at HHUMC and ECUMC have the opportunity to meet these young people and serve them an evening meal. They will be at HHUMC for a cookout on Wednesday, July 11. The Outreach Committee is inviting you to come visit, help cook and serve and provide the ingredients for a gang of hard working and hungry young folk. Please find the

sign-up sheet on the Outreach Bulletin Board, the list will be available on line from the church office or you may contact Linda Mosley or Chris Henderson to help or contribute.


Our Neighbors are in Need.

It is summer and the demands on out Neighborhood Food Cupboards are greater than ever, children are home and not able to receive breakfast and lunch at school. Both of our churches have gardens that help their respective food cupboards and our own parishioners in need. Those of us who tend the gardens would be grateful for help weeding and watering the gardens and making sure fresh, yummy items get to the food cupboards the night before the cupboards are open. Additionally, breakfast and lunch items are desperately needed: peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, tuna, spaghettios, low-sugar fruits, cereal, breakfast bars are all great choices. Thank you for your consideration of our less fortunate neighbors.



The VBS planning group will meet at 10:30 am Sunday, on July 8 in the 3rd/4th grade classroom to prepare for the upcoming VBS.  Additionally, we are looking for volunteers to help with the set up and clean up for vacation bible school. We will begin setting up the sanctuary & marketplace on Thursday, August 12th. Please email me if you are able to help out.


cell phone 207-852-5985

home phone 207-469-5871


VBS kicks off  Sunday, July 15 and we are in need of some decorations and craft items. If you are able to help with any of the needed items please email me at: maureen.cipullo@yahoo.com We will need to have all items by July 12th. Thank you in advance for all your help. If you or your child will be attending VBS and you have registered yet, please email me as soon as possible so I can get the “tribes” set up.


Needed items:

Greenery – we need lots of artificial plants, trees, vines etc so we can set a garden scene in the sanctuary.

Indian or Mexican blankets to be used on tables and floors.

Green streamers – various shades of green to make “grass”, we will need about 20 rolls.

3 – 4 boxes of sugar cubes

Wooden blocks – for the palace play yard

4 laundry size baskets for the palace play yard

2 packages (about 10 – 12 pairs) of tube socks

10 tennis balls for the palace play yard

2 bags of potting soil – (basic soil is fine)

3 large inkpads – assorted colors (dollar store or ac moore)

12 – 15 assorted color paint pens (ac moore, hardware store, mardens etc)

2 empty spray bottles (available at the dollar store)

3 – 4 hammers (we just need to borrow them for the week)

6 – 8 boxes of glue dots

1 large bucket of moldable dough (available at ac moore)

several large brown paper bags (grocery bags)






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