Sunday School Update from Reeni Cipullo

Sunday School Update from Reeni Cipullo
Good morning. We only have 4 weeks left in this session of Sunday school. We still have some open dates for the month of May, if you are interested in teaching this month please sign up. Next year we will be switching to an online curriculum which will be much easier for everyone to use, it can be accessed from anywhere.
We will be having a VBS meeting on Sunday April 29th after church. We will be meeting in the grade 3 & 4 classroom. If you want to help with VBS and haven’t signed up yet, please come to the meeting.
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the Christian Education program. This upcoming year will be an exciting one. We will be expanding our current program to all ages (including nursery, preschool and adults) and we will be adding a children’s worship service. We will be discussing these changes at our monthly CED meetings on the third Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm, if this day and time doesn’t work for everyone we can change it…just let me know.
In Christ’s Service,
Open dates for May Sunday School:
May 6th –
grades 1 & 2
May 13th –
grades 1 & 2
grades 3 & 4
May 20th –
grades 1 & 2
grades 5 & 6
May 27th –
grades 1 & 2
grades 3 & 4
grades 5 & 6


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