Spiritual Formation & Christian Education News

There will not be Sunday School for the month of December. However, we will use the Sunday School time to rehearse for the Christmas pageant. We’ll be rehearsing in the youth room during worship service.

This year’s pageant, “The Reluctant Innkeeper, will be on Sunday, December 18 at 4:30 pm. Please join us after the pageant for refreshments and activities in the fellowship hall. All kids and adults that are in the pageant should be here at 3 pm on the 18th for a final dress rehearsal. The kids will receive a pageant CD on November 27 with the songs to practice, voice tracks begin with track 18. Everyone that is a “jury member” for the pageant are asked to wear plain blue shirt and blue jeans.

If you would like to a Sunday School teacher or help with this year’s pageant, contact Reeni at 207-852-5985 or maureen.cipullo@yahoo.com

Shine! Light for All People by Patricia Farris is the book being used for the four week Advent Study that began on November 27. Advent Study is held Sundays at 9 am before worship in the “blue room.”

Confirmation classes will begin in mid January 2012 and will be for 16 weeks on Sundays from 9 am to 11 am. We will be using the new confirmation program “Credo”. Confirmation classes will be open to kids in 7th grade or higher. Confirmation Sunday will be may 27, 2012. Class topics include: Creation, Sin, Redemption, Holy Spirit, Church, New Creation, Way of discipleship, Way of Salvation, Weslayan Quadrilateral, Worship, Sacrements, Living a Holy Life, Renounce-Reject-Repent, Accept, Confess, I believe (creeds), prayers-presence-gifts-service and Witness and Going Forth. If you are interested in teaching any of these topics please let Reeni Cipullo know. If you are interested in confirmation, contact Reeni as soon as possible.


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