HHUMC E-Highlights October 6, 2011

HHUMC E-Highlights
Thursday, October 6, 2011
New website: http://www.hampdenhighlands.me
New blog: https://hhumchighlights.wordpress.com

October 9, 2011-17th Sunday after Pentecost
Lay preacher for Ellingwood’s Corner UMC will be Debbie Calderwood
Scripture: Matthew 22:1-14 and Exodus 32:1-14

Worship assistants for HHUMC
Pastor David Nicol Sermon: Breaking the First Commandment
Lector: Linda Mosley
Acolytes: Grace Clement
Greeters: Kathy Gallupe and Walter Travis
Ushers: Warren Chatto and Stephen Mockler
Nursery Helper: Angela Damboise
Counters: Gloria Lee and Angela Damboise
At the request of the Conference Office and after consulting with the Hampden Church, the district office will be collecting flood buckets for UMCOR. All buckets must be into the church by Monday, October 31, 2011.

Please pray for the following:
*Alton Cheryl Stratton
*Atkinson Dodie Sheffield
*Bangor First Randy Chretien, Jeff Fister, Chuck Langbein
*Bangor Grace Sue Davenport

Ten Fold-2011
The United Methodist Church through UMCOR is on the ground locally and globally; helping people after disasters. As missionaries, these people are doing God’s work every day. Find out more about their challenges and the work of the church on a whole through a multi media experience beginning 10-10-11 for Ten Fold. Mission never stops, Check out http://www.10-fold.org

Youth Group will be held on Sunday, October 9 from 5-7pm the Following Dates:
Volunteers for Youth Meals are needed. Sign-up sheet is in fellowship hall. One is needed for next week please, Contact Elizabeth Clark if you have any questions violinlizzy@aim.com

“Mondays at Morna’s”-Do you like to craft? Crafting sessions for the Christmas Fair will be held Monday mornings at 9:30 am at Morna Rawcliffe’s home located on the Back Winterport Road in Hampden. Any questions call Kathy Gallupe at 848-4956.

Finance Committee will meet Wednesday, October 19 at 6:30 pm to discuss 2012 general budget.

Hampden Highlands will provide the main course on Wednesday, October 19 for the Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen at Salvation Army in Bangor. Contact Christ Henderson at dumpy21@roadrunner.com, if you can help.

Yoga has returned to HHUMC on Tuesday nights at 6:30 pm in the youth room.

TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) meets at Ellingwood’s Corner UMC on Mondays. Weigh-in at 5;30 pm and meeting from 6:00 pm to 7 pm.

Local rug hookers meet one Saturday a month from 9 am to 3 pm at Ellingwood’s Corner UMC. They will meet again next Saturday, October 15. Bring your rug hooking materials and pack your own lunch. Ellingwood’s Corner UMC address is: 796 Lebanon Road, Winterport.

Area Church & Ecumenical Events:

St. James’ Episcopal Church in Old Town is hosting a Halloween Party and costume closet on Sunday, October 30 from 1 pm to 3 pm at St. James for children through 5th grades. The party will include games and refreshments as well as a costume closet for children. The outreach team is looking for gently used Halloween costumes for the costume closet and items that can be put together for costumes: capes, shoes, wigs/fake beards/mustaches, fake teeth/fangs, canes, hats, make-up, etc.
Due to limited space, the Halloween party is limited to 30 children on a first come, first serve basis, reserve spot by calling Paula Baines, outreach team leader at 944-0838. Additionally, Halloween costumes and items will be collected through Sunday, October 23; Costume items for St. James can be left by the HHUMC church office for Paula Baines, HHUMC secretary. Paula will deliver the items to St. James.

Paint Penobscot County Purple
Once again, Spruce Run is partnering with community members, organizations and businesses to Paint Penobscot County Purple. Since 2009 when the campaign began, more and more people have joined in to paint their own part of the county purple-from sticking purple ribbons in their windows, shining purple bulbs in their front porches, or hosting lunch and learns for employees.
Even local churches have worshipped in purple. You can encourage other church members to wear purple to a service, and let them know it is to raise awareness about domestic violence.
Some churches have organized a lending library with books about faith and domestic abuse.

Here are some ways you can show the purple spirit and support
… Dine at Ruby Tuesdays in Bangor on October 18, 19th or 20th and 20 percent of the amount you spend will benefit Spruce Run.
…Dine at Uno’s bar and grill at the Bangor Mall on October 24th and up to 20 percent of your bill will be donated to Spruce Run. You will need a ticket to give to your server______________
Wear purple on October 20.


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