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HHUMC Is an Exciting Place to Be from Linda Mosley, co-lay leader for HHUMC

HHUMC is an exciting place to be, there is lots going on and most importantly lots of individuals involved to make it all happen. A group of folks met with Pastor David for a number of months to look into the future, to think about where we need to go and then to dream. It was determined that our first step is to address our growing need for Christian education and NOT burn out our volunteers. That visioning group recommended adding a staff person and took the information to SPRC. SPRC made a recommendation to Administrative Council and Ad Council accepted the idea giving SPRC the go-ahead to write a job description and set up a sub-committee to begin the hiring process.

After the job a description was approved by SPRC it was posted both locally in The Weekly, at U. Maine and Husson Universities and Bangor Theological Seminary, at the conference level and on national bulletin boards. Resumes came in from all over, South Dakota, Texas and even England. In the end three local candidates were interviewed. After nearly two hours of post-interview discussion the sub-committee unanimously recommended Maureen Cipullo. “Reeni” will join our staff at HHUMC as director of Christian Formation. We are excited and happy to have her energy and experience to help us keep learning and growing. As we continue to share the Good News we hope to keep visioning, dreaming, growing and reaching out.


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